Project Overview
We Are First Gen is an event series for first generation and first year students who attend Washington State University Vancouver. The event series aims to connect first generation students to first generation WSUV staff and expose them to new event opportunities.
As the lead designer for the We are First Gen, my role consisted of designing flyers that were inclusive and engaging. These flyers were promoted on social media, electronic reader boards, and through campus bulletin boards.
Style Guide Overview
I designed the logo with bold and outlined typography to visually display some contrast. The words are also rounded to emphasize We Are First Gen’s inclusive nature.
I wanted to use fun typography that highlights the exciting events organized by We Are First Gen. Lilita One’s roundness and boldness is playful and welcoming. Londrina Outline Regular balances Lilita One’s boldness. Montserrat is Washington State University’s primary font.
Color Palette 
To align with Washington State University’s color palette, I used WSUV accent colors in conjunction with the primary colors.
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