Project Overview 
Washington State University Vancouver's Fitness Center hosts an annual Powerlifting Challenge. Students are able to participate in this weekly challenge for prizes and overall fun.
In my role as Content Intern, I had the privilege of designing Fall 2023's t-shirt. The Fitness Center wanted to incorporate the WSU logo, core colors, and typography into the design. To fulfill their vision, I diligently followed brand guidelines but implemented my creativity into the layout, type spacing, and accents of the design. I used Adobe Illustrator to design and used the AI feature for the graphic. 
I created the following design variations to present to the Fitness Center. The designs were then sent to the Marketing team for feedback and eventual approval. 
I aimed to create a bold, clean, and WSU-focused design. The target audience for this design compromised of WSU students who enjoyed challenging themselves through fitness. The goal was to design a t-shirt that they would feel good wearing during their workouts. 
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